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Bearded dragons (Pogona spp.), formerly classified in the genus Amphibolurus, are a group of diurnal lizards belonging to the family Agamidae. The genus contains eight species which are all restricted to the continent of Australia. They are smallish to middle sized, heavy-bodied lizards with a quiet and confiding nature.

Although at least four of the eight recorded species are bred in captivity in some number, the term “bearded dragon” almost exclusively refers to the Common Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps). Captive bred Bearded dragons make fascinating and unusual pets. Terms like “Beardies”, “beardeds”, “Tata dragons” and “Lizard of oz” are also frequently used by hobbyists, while some old literature also refers to Bearded dragons as “Jew Lizards” (now better known as the Coastal Bearded dragon). Bearded lizards were also used, but more commonly for P. barbata.

The Common Bearded dragon, otherwise known as the Central, Inland or Yellow-headed Bearded dragon, originates from the arid, semi-desert parts of Australia, but today they can be kept in similar captive environments in your home. Within only a few short years these dragons have become one of the most frequently kept and bred of all lizards around the world. As with the other Pogona species, the Inland dragons are known to be calm and curious, each with their own unique personality. Bearded dragons are also very hardy animals and have an incredible reproduction potential.

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