The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual
The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual Samples
Bearded Dragon Biology
Bearded Dragon Captive Care Environment & Vivarium Setup
Food & Feeding Bearded Dragons

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This easy to read and understand eBook covers all the need-to-know topics to keep a healthy, happy, Bearded dragon.

Some of the topics covered include Bearded dragon care, vivarium size, Bearded dragon substrates, heating, lighting, photoperiod, vivarium decoration, hiding, Bearded dragon food and feeding, supplementation, management and routine procedures.

Important aspects such as buying a Bearded dragon, price, adaptation, handling, transport, behaviour, basic health, sanitation and hygiene are also discussed in some detail.

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The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual will help prevent unnecessary, sometimes incurable & preventable diseases. The things your reptile veterinarian wants you to know...

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Free State, South Africa

"I recently received your basic manual, which I have found to be very informative. It's so nice to find a South African Bearded dragon book on the subject of bearded dragon care!!"

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"I think the basic bearded dragon manual is one of the best books I have seen for its price. Like the Bearded dragon Biology section! Regards."



GT, South Africa

"WOW! I'm impressed, thanks for the fast delivery! I will contact you if I have any questions. Thank you very much!"

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Johannesburg, GT, South Africa

"Now I know how to get "Draco" to eat his veggies! Your tips in the Bearded dragon food section really helped."

Renier Delport

Renier Delport

Tinkerer, veterinarian, blogger...

The popular Inland Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), the new "household pet", is attracting a lot of attention in the exotic pet trade during the last few years.

I get to recommend this eBook to a lot of keepers after the tragic loss of their beloved pet Bearded dragon. It is said that about 80% of medical related problems of reptiles are the result of bad husbandry.

We have seen them all, from incorrect husbandry (i.e. lighting, supplementation, temperature, veggies and unnecessary exposure) right through to really diseased individuals. It is true, most of the problems were due to incorrect keeping. Things that seems to be overrepresented includes Bearded dragon lighting and Bearded dragon supplementation.

I've been on call from my websites and literally helped hundreds of keepers, both experienced and novice in the right direction with regards to Bearded dragon care.


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