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Bearded Dragon Black Throat Behavior


Bearded dragon beard

Bearded Dragon Beard

Bearded dragons have highly distendable throats, also called the gular pouch. When this pouch is distended, there is little processes inside which contracts in such a way that it expands. It also turns a typical gun metal black. The expansion at this particular area and the colouration gives it the humanly impression of a beard.

Male Bearded dragon beards are generally bigger and darker than their female counterparts and are used as a defensive measure, for courtship and for territorial display. Male beards get darker when in sudden company of other male dragons and / or during the breeding season.

a Bearded dragon beard black b Normal Bearded dragon beard c Adult Bearded dragon beard turning black    

 Figure 1  Bearded dragon black beard. a Bearded dragon beard turning black; b Adult Bearded dragon beard without being excited; c Adult Bearded dragon black beard.

Bearded Dragon Beard Turns Black

When a Bearded dragon beard turns black is is usually to "show off", but it can also be a signs of stress or disease, especially if the entire body turns black with it. When a Bearded dragon has a black body and seems lethargic and is not willing to eat, it might be a good idea to take it to a Bearded dragon friendly veterinarian.


Bearded dragon black beard
In this video the male Bearded dragon starts to show his beardy behavior when he spots the female running pass.
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