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Bearded Dragon Brumation


Bearded Dragon Brumation

Bearded dragon brumation, also called Bearded dragon hibernation, is the a reversible state in which most of these animals spend their winter months. It is characterized by a type of slumber or inactivity, where they are asleep most of the time. It also includes a severely reduced appetite, hiding behavior and excessive digging behavior.

During the Bearded dragon hibernation period, unlike the true sense of the word, these animals will actually be awake some of the time. It is normal during this period to have a severe degree of weight loss and a depressed appetite, sometimes even total anorexia. This can last for weeks to months and usually start when the night time temperatures drop, even if the day time temperatures are still warm and bright.

Not all Bearded dragons will go into this so-called slumber. A lot of juvenile Bearded dragons will actually skip their first winter brumation. Some adults might also take this route and apart form being a winter thing, there is no set time or duration for this to happen.

In nature, the change in seasons will cause this behavior to start or to end. In captivity however nothing should be done to induce this behavior. In my opinion the lighting and heating should remain unchanged during this time. The same goes for when these animals wake up, at which food should be introduced slowly again to gain normal body condition.

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