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Bearded Dragon Waving Behavior


Bearded Dragon Arm Waving

The so-called Bearded dragon waving arm posture is an interesting behavior of these animals. This is where one of the forelimbs is raised and rotated 360 degrees to the longitudinal plane of the body, almost like a greeting wave. Interestingly enough, this is where one of the other more descriptive names for Bearded dragons originated namely the "Tata dragon". Tata being a term used in some languages to say good bye.

Different Bearded Dragon Waves

Another interesting thing that a keeper will observe is that there's more than one scenario where Bearded dragons wave. Most of the time you might see you Bearded dragon wave when its chilling, basking in its hot spot. You might also see a Bearded dragon waving while it is busy hunting and stalking its prey or while its communicating with another Bearded dragon. The last type of Bearded dragon arm wave is a more aggressive wave and its a bit faster than the one used in the other two scenarios.

Bearded dragon arm wave behavior can actually be observe in nature and in captive Bearded dragons. It is a normal behavior.

But why does a Bearded dragon wave?

It is actually not to greet someone like the word tata implies. The reason for Bearded dragon waving is actually to control its body temperature. Circumduction (a fancy word for a Bearded dragon arm wave) is a well noted and described Bearded dragons thermoregulatory posture.  This so-called “wave” reduces the body’s surface area with warm surfaces.

This posture is also described as being submissive when performed slowly or aggressive when performed fast.

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