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Bearded Dragons In The Wild

Bearded Dragon Wild

Although it might be difficult to imagine, Bearded dragons once were, and technically speaking, still are wild animals. Let me explain. If you take a very popular household pet, namely the dog, it has been domesticated for years and years ago. A matter of fact is that it takes about seven generations for this species to tame down to be handled by man. Bearded dragons on the other hand has only be introduced as household pet a few years ago. The fact is that these animals are said to be calm and docile even in nature.

Bearded Dragons In The Wild

By studying Bearded dragons in their natural environments one can get an idea how to keep them in captivity. In the wild Bearded dragons prefer arid eucalyptis and acacia velds, brushlands, sandy and rocky plains and short grass velds. Wild Bearded dragons spend much of their time in bushes and trees or are found basking on rocks.

Bearded dragons in nature eat a variety of small lizards, mammals, insects and plants. In the wild they feed on vegetation such as dandelions, other flowers and various seeds. Their main source of insects is wild beetles.

Bearded Dragon Australian Desert

By looking at the harsh environments wild Bearded dragons come from, it is evident that these animals are no sissies. The Australian desert, actually a combination of smaller dessert, is classified as being semi-arid instead of a proper desert. The earth is covered with red sand and fiery cinnabar coloured rocks. Vegetation is generally sparse and there is large areas that are totally depleted of surface water. Rainfall is also very limited. Although this is true, Bearded dragons in Australia are perfectly adapted for these conditions. In fact, they are so used to it, that if these "Bearded dragon needs" are not met, they tend to get all sorts of health problems.

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