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Bearded Dragon Harness / Leash


Bearded dragon harness


Bearded Dragon Harness

A Bearded dragon harness or leash comes in handy as a means of basic restrain. Unfortunately it is limited to only when a Bearded dragon is under full supervision. Harnesses are most commonly used as restrain to prevent a Bearded dragon from falling on the ground when it sits on your back or shoulder, or less commonly as a walking Bearded dragon leash when basking outside.

Bearded Dragon Harness For Carry Purposes

It is safer and more sensible to carry your lizard with a Bearded dragon harness. For this to be purposeful the harness must fit snugly and able lock when it is pulled to prevent slippage.

Bearded Dragon Leash For Outside Use

It is not recommended to leave these animals unattended at any point of time. Remember that the area should be free of possible harmful pesticides and plants for in case your harnessed Bearded dragon decides to grab a bug or chew on a leaf. Although this sounds like a nice and practical idea to spend time with your Bearded dragon, I would still recommend the use of a Bearded dragon outside enclosure.

Bearded Dragon Harness For Sale

Commercial Bearded dragon leashes are available from some specialized pet shops as a "lizard leash". There will be specific size directions for the perfect fit. Non-bearded dragon harnesses made for ferrets or small Iguanas can also be used. Make sure to take your Bearded dragon to the shop to make sure the harness fits snugly.

Some known commercial Bearded dragon harnesses includes the T-Rex Comfort Reptile Leash series and the fully adjustable Four Paws Safety Iguana Leash and Harness.

How To Make A Bearded Dragon Harness

By looking at the photo and with some imagination one can certainly improvise and make your own Bearded dragon harness. The main pieces include a soft leather body part which are secured with a custom resizable piece of rope.

Bearded Dragon Leash Dangers & Disadvantages

These leashes might take some time to tolerate. A Bearded dragon might refuse to walk this a unfamiliar objects snugged around its body and legs, or some might decide to become hyperactive by running aimlessly or by shaving against objects.

Bearded dragon Leashes can only be used in adult dragons.

Remember that even though a Bearded dragon is harnessed, it should still be observed closely for possible strangulation or escape.

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