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This easy to read and understand eBook covers all the need-to-know topics to keep a healthy, happy, Bearded dragon, and more...

Some of the topics covered include care, anatomy, biology, the purchasing, handling and feeding of these animals.

This book also includes detailed information on the correct and different methods of Bearded dragon housing, a comprehensive zoology section where Beardies are seen in their natural environments, loads of feedstuffs with recipes that can be fed to both Beardies and feeder crickets, correct supplementation, Bearded dragon legislation, cricket breeding, Bearded dragon breeding and incubator setup, major Bearded dragon health issues, basic emergency care, import, quarantine and biosecurity and many more.

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The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is written to cater for both the experienced and novice Bearded dragon keeper alike.

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GT, South Africa

"I was so looking forward to this, definitely worth the wait! Thanks."

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South Africa

"Your Basic Bearded Dragon Manual is very helpful. I am very interested in your Advanced one."


Stephen Jones

Los Angeles, California

"Very informative."

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Gerhard Steenkamp

Durban, KZN

"I've learnt alot from this book. There are lots of pictures and the content is extensive."

Renier Delport

Renier Delport

Tinkerer, veterinarian, blogger...

The popular Inland Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), the new "household pet", is attracting a lot of attention in the exotic pet trade during the last few years.

These lizards have earned a lot of respect as extremely docile, interesting, easy and fun to keep reptile pets. Radical words such as fascinating, extreme, wonderful and many more are being used by keepers to describe these them. Bearded dragons are also popular because of their small size en suitable for both experienced and beginner reptile keepers alike.

These Australian lizards are now seen in large numbers even outside their natural environment. Advances in technology have made it possible to keep these extraordinary desert animals in your own home. Information has made it possible to feed these animals better than what they are used to even in their natural habitats.

Unfortunately although this is true, a lot of these animals don't get the attention and husbandry they need. Some people fail because of ignorance while others are confused by the different opinions on the keeping of these animals. I have experienced that the vast majority of medical related problems in Bearded dragons are caused by incorrect husbandry (keeping, feeding, supplementing etc.). As a veterinary practitioner with a special interest in Bearded dragon medicine I've seen them all. Some will live, some will unfortunately die, but what is certain is that most of these expensive to treat or terminal diseases and conditions could have been prevented!


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