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Bearded Dragon Food


Bearded Dragon Food

Bearded dragons are omnivorous, meaning they accept a variety of foods including plant materials (greens, esp. leafy greens), invertebrates and the occasional vertebrate. Bearded dragons in captivity should be offered a variety of insects, fruit, vegetables, flowers, flower leaves / herbs and nestling mice. It is best to offer a combination of these feedstuffs not only to ensure a well balanced diet, but also to include a variety to prevent boredom in these animals. At least half of the daily Bearded dragon food should consist of commercial insects like crickets, Dubia roaches and other feeder cockroaches. Other good Bearded dragon foods include silkworms, fly ants and Phoenix worms. Mealworms, mealworm beetles, waxworms, Trevo worms and superworms can be fed occasionally as a snack, but should never make out the bulk of the diet.

Bearded Dragon Crickets

Bearded dragon crickets contain most of the main nutritional ingredients, namely carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Their practicality, efficiency and ease of culturing put them in the number one spot when it comes to Bearded dragon food. Bearded dragon crickets should be gut loaded from at least twenty four hours prior to feeding them to dragons.

Bearded Dragon Dubia Roaches

Bearded dragon Dubia roaches is a relative new addition to the reptile food market. They should be tasty and exciting for your Bearded dragon to eat. Dubia roaches are smaller than other popular commercial Bearded dragon cockroaches and should be easier to feed to baby dragons.

Bearded Dragon Silkworms

Bearded dragon silkworms is a very good food source for these lizards. It is high in protein and calcium and it seems like Bearded dragons enjoy to eat them.

Bearded Dragon Mealworms

It is said that mealworms are very tasty to Bearded dragons and once they are spoiled they can refuse to eat anything else. Bearded dragon mealworms also contain high amounts of fat and relatively low amount of proteins and calcium. This Bearded dragon food should be avoided in growing animals and only be offered in limited amounts to adults.

Bearded Dragon Waxworms

As with mealworms, Bearded dragon waxworms are also tasty and very high in fat with low amounts of protein. This Bearded dragon food is not to be fed in high quantities.

Bearded Dragon Phoenix Worms

Bearded dragon Phoenix worms® are a relatively new addition to the feeder insect market. This Bearded dragon food item has been developed as a  delicious, balanced and nutritious foodstuff. Phoenix worms are soft bodied are said to be naturally high in calcium.

Bearded Dragon Superworms

When compared to mealworms, Bearded dragon superworms have less fat, are just as tasty and are just as deficient in calcium. Their size makes them fun to feed to larger dragons, but because of their composition they should be offered in limited quantities.

Bearded Dragon Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are still not available commercially in South Africa, but is probably becoming more and more available in some countries. Bearded dragon grasshoppers make interesting feeder items, but, because of their hard exoskeletons they should be avoided especially during the first few months of a Bearded dragon's life. Only adults will be able to crush them adequately.

Bearded Dragon Trevo Worms

Also called Butter worms, Bearded dragon Trevo worms are large, fat worms with a high fat and calcium content.

a Bearded dragon food crickets b Bearded dragon food fly ants c Bearded dragon food waxworm d Bearded dragon food mealworms e Bearded dragon food superworms
f Bearded dragon food silkworm g Bearded dragon food Dubia roaches h Bearded dragon food Phoenix worms i Bearded dragon food Trevo worm j Bearded dragon food nestling mice
k Bearded dragon greens Nasturtium l Bearded dragon greens Lucerne m Bearded dragon food carrots    

 Figure 1  Bearded dragon food & feeding. a Crickets should make out the bulk of Bearded dragon food; b Fly ants make excellent Bearded dragon food snacks, especially for baby dragons. c - e Bearded dragon waxworms, mealworms & superworms respectively. These Bearded dragon foods are very high in fat & low in protein. It should be offered in limited amounts; f Bearded dragon silkworms are very good sources of protein & calcium; g A new addition to the Bearded dragon food market is Dubia roaches; h Bearded dragon Phoenix worms, very tasty, highly nutritious; i Bearded dragon Trevo worm; j Nestling mice, also a favorite Bearded dragon food with adults; k - m Bearded dragon green food. Nasturtium, alfalfa / lucerne, carrots & carrot tops together with various other leafs and vegetables can be planted at the back of your own garden.


Bearded Dragon Greens

The second half of a Bearded dragon's diet should consist of a assortment of torn or shredded Bearded dragon fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and flower leaves. A shallow container with a mixture of the correct size greens should always be available in the cooler end of the vivarium. A dynamic mixture of Bearded dragon greens will not only prevent boredom and stimulate appetite, but will also increase the diversity of vitamins and minerals to the animal.

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