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Bearded Dragons For Sale

Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale



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Bearded Dragons For Sale Tips

  • Insist on buying only healthy Bearded dragons

  • Always choose the biggest & strongest Bearded dragon baby from the batch

  • Only buy from reputable pet shops & breeders with acceptable Bearded dragon keeping & breeding conditions

  • Only buy Bearded dragons which were captive bred in your own country & that were not illegally imported or caught from the wild

  • Ask about & prevent the possibility of inbreeding

  • Insist on buying Bearded dragon babies that is older than 6 weeks or 15cm / 6" long (incl. tail)

  • Insist on visual inspection before buying a Bearded dragon (important consideration before buying over the internet)

  • Insist on seeing baby Bearded dragons eat one or two crickets

What To Look For In Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale

Note: You cannot buy a Bearded dragon without proper caging. See the Bearded dragon needs section for more information. Remember that a new pet Bearded dragon comes with a lot of responsibility and hidden costs. It must be noted beforehand that Beardies are prone to various medical problems which can lead to veterinary expenses. Even healthy Bearded dragons need regular routine veterinary visits which must also be budgeted for.

A healthy Bearded dragon should always be alert, mostly willing to eat moving crickets, willing to bask and not hide away. Babies and juveniles should be rarely asleep when there are people around. They should also be without any mouth, nose and cloacal secretions. Beardies should be free of mites and in good overall body condition, i.e. no bones protruding at the tail base and rib areas and have a well filled out belly.

A well fed batch will be without any physical injuries. Sometimes one will come across Bearded dragons with shorter tails or missing toes or in some instances whole extremities. These babies are not necessarily unhealthy, but it is an indication of improper Bearded dragon housing. These signs will also be evident in some imported baby batches.

Sick Bearded Dragons For Sale

It is not advised to buy a sick Bearded dragon simply because you feel sorry for it. Apart from buying a lot of potential problems (and a possible dead Bearded dragon), one also support the sale and resale of poor quality live animals.

Where To Look For Bearded Dragons For Sale

Bearded dragons are available from pet shops, Bearded dragon breeders, reptile expos and shows. In some countries you can also order Bearded dragons over the internet. The availability might be restricted by the legislation of the country, province, city or your local municipality.

Bearded Dragon Sale

Baby Bearded dragons are usually sold in large numbers due to the high fecundity of the parents (one Bearded dragon female can lay up to 120 eggs per breeding season!). It will probably not be strange to see a Bearded dragon sale going on, probably to get rid of all these excess little eating machines. One often get a bargain at these Bearded dragon sales, but remember to be on the lookout for the signs mentioned above.


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