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Bearded Dragon Bacteria


Bearded Dragon Bacterial Infections

Bearded dragon bacterial infections are a common sequel to physical injuries that breaks the integrity of the skin or the mucous membranes. It is most commonly the result of serious bite wounds. Bearded dragon bite wounds are usually in on the tail, extremities, the neck or on the side of the mouth and lips.

Bearded Dragon Abscess

A large percentage of Bearded dragon infections will lead to abscessation, especially without medical intervention. Once a Bearded dragon abscess started to form, it must be surgically debrided under sedation or full anesthesia. Abscesses can lead to a sick Bearded dragon with a bacteraemia (bacteria that spread to the bloodstream), which can be life threatening.

Bearded Dragon Infection Prevention

The best way to prevent a Bearded dragon bacterial infection is to start with a topical antiseptic immediately after the injury. Popular products include F10 which can be used as a spray, or a dilution to use as a daily bath. These and similar products are available as from your local veterinarian.

Bearded Dragon Infection Treatment

Once an infection has kicked in the best way to treat is with a combination of antibiotics and topical antiseptics. In severe cases supportive treatment might include force feeding and parenteral fluids (drips). Bearded dragon infections should be treated under the supervision of a reptile friendly veterinarian. Bearded dragon abscesses should also be treated by a skilled Bearded dragon vet.

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