Supplementation through gut-loading

Bearded dragon supplementation through gut-loading
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Mineral supplementation plays a vital part in keeping your pet Bearded dragon healthy. One way to add these supplements to their diet is by gut-loading their food. They say you are what you eat right? Well, the same goes for your food. In order to feed good quality feeder insects to your Bearded dragon, they also need to eat good quality food.  Gut-loading literally translates to loading the intestines with a highly nutritious food.

Supplementation through gut-loading

Feeder insects such as crickets, mealworms, Dubia roaches etc. are easy to gut-load. Bearded Gut-loading is done by feeding insects a highly palatable and nutritious diet almost immediately prior to feeding them to your Beardies. Insects are therefore the transport medium for these minerals.

Gut-loading food can be in the form of dry or fresh foods. The same greens which can be fed to Bearded dragons can also be fed to feeder insects. Dry gut-loading foods can be in the form of various commercial or self-made gut-loading mixtures.

Gut-loading crickets

Crickets are probably the most important insects you will feed to your Bearded dragon. Fortunately cricket gut-loading is a simple process and is simply done by replacing their regular food with a high quality cricket gut-loading diet. Crickets should be gut-loaded forty eight to twenty four hours prior to feeding them to your Bearded dragon.

Gut-loading of foods

Various commercial cricket gut-load foods are available from most specialised reptile or exotic animal pet shops. The internet can also be valuable in finding gut-loaded foods.

Other ways to add minerals to your Bearded dragon is by dusting powdered or sprinkling liquid forms directly on their food (usually their greens).

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