What greens to feed Bearded dragons

Bearded dragon greens
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While the majority of a Bearded dragon’s food should consists of protein based foods such as insects, the second half of the diet should consist of ‘greens’. This includes an assortment of torn or shredded fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and flower leaves. A shallow container with a mixture of the correct size greens should always be available in the cooler end of the vivarium.

Bearded dragon greens

A dynamic mixture of fresh Bearded dragon greens will not only prevent boredom and stimulate appetite, but will also increase the diversity of vitamins and minerals to the animal. One should try to change only one or two items at a time over about three days to ensure adequate gastrointestinal adaptation. At least three to five different ingredients should be mixed together at a time. Fresh greens will contain more nutrients compared to spoiled, cooked or baked ones. All ingredients should be washed / rinsed with potable running tap water to remove dirt and potential pesticides before feeding.

Bearded dragon greens list

These lists serves as basis. Other literature will probably suggest even more options or may even omit some of these for good reason. Please comment…

What greens to feed Bearded dragons

ApplesBaby marrowsAlfalfa / LucerneAlfalfa / Lucerne
BananasBell pepperCarrot topsDandelion
BlueberriesBok choyCeleryHibiscus
DatesCarrotsCollard greensNasturtium / Kappertjies
FigsCorn / maizeDandelionPansies
GrapesCucumberEscaroleRose pedals
Kiwi fruitGreen beansMustard greens
MangoKaleNasturtium / Kappertjies
MelonPatty pansOregano
Orange-fleshed squashPeasParsley
PapayasPumpkinPrickly pear / Cactus pear
PeachesSquashRadish leaves
PearSweet potatoRocket
PlumsYamsRomaine lettuce
StrawberriesSwiss chard

What about dangerous greens?

There are also many known dangerous or poisonous greens that should not be fed to Bearded dragons. As more information gets released this list will have to be amended, but at this stage I’m only aware of the following: onions, spinach, rhubarb, cabbage type vegetables and avocado.

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